Into the Wild • Jon Krakauer

Type of book: Biographical novel

Summary: The story of a man, Christopher Johnson McCandless, who disappears one summer to be found two years later, his body fully decomposed in an abandoned bus in the forest in Alaska. The author of the book, who is a journalist, then writes a short article for the news paper. However subjugated by this story he decides to trace the path of the protagonist. He ends up writing this book, in which he recounts his impressive journey while making links with other characters, both from stories and history.

Personal opinion: This book is absolutely subjugating. It makes us think about our way of life, while realizing that what you think of a person might be distorted by the way another person talks about it. While reading this book I went from being impressed by Christopher’s idealism, to surprised by some of his actions that seem stupid or thoughtless, then to feel pity for his fate.

It’s sort of like a travel diary, but it’s not written chronologically (still understandable). Finally, thanks to all the quotes in this book one can find other books that could be interesting to read.

Quote: “I was surprised, as always, at how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility.”